Waiver Services include:


*Home and community habilitation
*Supported employment
*Job Finding
*Job Support

Email us at info@hands-2-helpctr.com ​ or call 412-653-2535

Advice and recommendations for 

*Keeping the Job
*Communication at work
*Quality of Work
*Being a part of the team

Post employment support available as long as needed.

*Filling out applications in person
*Online applications

*Resumes/Cover Letters
*Interviewing Skills
*Following up on applications

*Job Interviewing

*Positive Vibes

*On the Job performance

*Time Management
*Problem Solving Skills
*Decision Making

Training / Services include:

Encouragement and support in a classroom setting and off site support. 

Supported Employment and Coaching

Our job training programs prepare those with intellectual or physical disabilities for employment in different types of settings. We can find the perfect job for your work skills. Our program is geared to support the client. We will conduct an assessment and discuss your goals before we begin your program. Our program will be arranged to support the needs of our clients.

Vocational/Disability Training- 6 week course

Support and Services for people with Disabilities

Waivers Accepted

*Consolidated Waiver 

*Person/Family Directed Support Waiver