*All computer classes are paid at an hourly rate, there is a 3 hour minimum with each course. You can take all 3 hours at one time or you* can spread the hours out. Computer classes are $12.50 per hour. All training materials are included. 

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We offer private and group classes. Our group classes consist of no more than 3 people. These classes are great for seniors or those that want to learn at their own pace. Register here

Class Descriptions


Components of the computer  - Register

This course covers the very basics of the computer itself; the computer case, monitor, keyboard and the mouse. In this course you’ll learn about the desktop, the windows operating system and creating files and folders. You’ll also be introduced to computer terms and their meanings.

 Email  - Register

E-mail is by far the most popular service on the Internet.  In the basics course, you will learn how to set up an email account, send and receive messages and how to send messages with an attachment.

What are the best apps for downloading?   -Register

Find out about the latest apps and how to download the ones you want. You can download apps for shopping, paying bills and monitoring your productivity. You can also play various games with people all over the world! We will explore which apps are best for you.

Word Processing -Register

(beginners and intermediate must be paid for separately. You must take the basic computer course first, if you have no prior computer experience.

*Beginners -The beginners word processing course will teach you the basics, such   as opening new files and saving them, printing and emailing documents, and the functions of Cut, Copy and Paste.

*Intermediate- The intermediate course will generally move onto more technical issues like setting margins and page headers, inserting tables or objects, and performing mail merges.

Excel  -Register

Introduction to Excel- This introduction course will teach you how to create basic worksheets using Microsoft Excel 2011. You’ll learn to perform calculations in an Excel worksheet, modify an excel worksheet, make new spreadsheets and print the content of an Excel worksheet.

The Web at a Glance: What Is the Web?- Register

The World Wide Web is the most popular part of the Internet by far. Once you spend time on the Web you will feel that there is no limit to what you can discover. The Web allows rich and diverse communication by enabling you to access and interact with text, graphics, animation, photos, audio and video. Learn how to search and navigate the web.

Social media 101   - Register

Facebook- Want to keep up with friends and family? Facebook can connect people who have lost contact and help families stay in touch. Most businesses have a Facebook page. Want to know what’s happening in your community and favorite restaurants? I bet there’s a Facebook page for it.

Twitter-You’ve heard the word tweet but what is that really? Twitter has become one of the most beloved social media platforms. Find out how to create a twitter account and send your first “tweet”

Instagram- Love taking pictures? Here’s your chance to share your great shots with your family and friends. Instagram helps you share your vacations, family outings and special occasions instantaneously! Learn how to set up your account and post your first instagram pic.